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Revival of Taliya’s prepaid SIM cards network PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 19 December 2011 08:24

Revival of Taliya’s prepaid SIM cards networkThe vice chairman of the telecommunication company of Iran has invested into the network of Taliya’s prepaid SIM cards for solving current problems. Until next week, Taliya projects status for transferring shares to telecom will be finalized.

The Taliya project was one of the achievements of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in the eighth government which started its activities with the aim to develop employment and obviate the need for communication. This project was actually the first real experience of privatization in the mobile communications sector and it was supposed to enter more than 6 million SIM cards with 0932 and 0933 codes in a 10 years period but after 7.5 years since the launch of this network, less than 200,000 people are using the Taliya SIM cards. Which are only in Tehran and some state provinces.

Last year the officials of Telecommunication Company of Iran announced that this company is considering buying 51 percent of Taliyas shares so ITC could use the unused network capacity.

Taliya is active again.
The vice chairman of ITC talked about the Taliya projects latest status and said: ITC seeks to inject capital into the project and contributed to current problems so the Net credit to the subscribers current problems are resolved.

Seyyed Mostafa Seyyed Hashemi assured that everything possible is being done in order to solve this networks problems and he stated that by including Taliya to Iran’s Telecommunications centers network, the SIM card network of Taliya will be activated again. He continued that it will be finalized by the end of next week whether Taliya will join the network or not.
According to anticipations made about Taliya, by the end of this year the number of Taliya users will reach more than 1 million. Mr. Hashemi said that Taliya’s license will be over in 2.5 years and efforts should be made to increase the number of users to 6 million people.

Solving Taliya’s problems with the transmission of shares to ITC.
The vice chairman of ITC announced that According to Taliya’s contract they are committed to attract 6 million users in a 10 years period, and stated: we are negotiating about transmitting shares in this project and if agreed, investment in Taliya Project will be done by Iran’s Telecommunication Center and the subscriber’s problems in this project will be completely solved.

He continued that the news about Taliya is considering to sell its numbering to one of Iran’s Mobile Operators is completely false and as ITC’s contractor, Taliya is to be revived again.

Up to now Taliya has installed 710 BTS site around the country which has been unused and ITC officials believe that Taliya project harms ITC and this company has caused around 27 billion dollars worth harm in 2009. Because of this ITC is considering injecting capital into this project in order to use the unused network capacities. 57 percent of the gross income of Taliya belongs to the Government.

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